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Primrose Rawlins

Primrose looked up a Teashi as he stood in front of her his hands in the pockets of his trench coat. "I know, I have no idea what's outside the city. But what I do know is that there is nothing for me here" she shrugged putting her hands in the pocket of her sweatshirt before glancing up at the sky. It was already chilly out, she could feel it and shivered slightly despite her sweatshirt. Going to a small wooden crate she looked in it pulling out a few pieces of firewood she had stolen before pulling out a barely existent piece of flint. Need more flint, and it wouldn't hurt to see about stealing some more food, and maybe a knapsack. Plus, it's the time of day were I have to be ready to bribe anyone looking for street kids

"Teashi, I've got to go 'find' some stuff. Your welcome to follow long as you don't get in my way. Or you could stay here, or even explore Freeze City on your own." she looked in the direction of the center of the city. She knew she would find what she needed there. "I'm getting more food and a few other things" she started to walk off. "Just letting you know also, it's going to get cold tonight. It always does"