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Originally Posted by Sweets Witch View Post
Nah, not really. He was challenging, but not to the point where it was unfair or impossible. He served as the game's final test, and it was only fitting that he had a high-leveled team with a varied composition unlike most of the game's major trainers.
I concur with this ^ and you said it yourself GoldRayquaza, he's the strongest trainer in pokemon history, a title his levels fit quite appropriately. It would be undeserved if he matched or just barely surpassed the elite 4's levels. Part of how he got there in the first place was defeating the elite 4. So it needs to show how much stronger he is than them.

Though I speak from my memory of my original silver since I am far from there in Soul Silver, and though it's been years I don't recall him being overpowered for me. It would make sense that I had trouble with him at first, especially since I don't think I knew about Red when I first found him so it was a battle I wasn't expecting but I was my strongest ever, even to this day, in that game and managed to nearly match his levels (with 3 level 100s eventually). Then he got pretty easy, I beat both the elite 4 and him 17 times.

BTW it's Mt. Silver (and I only actually remember that because it shares it's name with my version).
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