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Ok, the first post is now up to date, all the way to page 10.

And while going through it and updating, I realized I missed some questions along the way, like these:
Quote originally posted by waters_echo:
1: The stance on PICKUP ability in relation to item rules?
2: Are... these rules based on Egypt stereotypes?
I apologise for the delay, but here's the answer o.o
Using a Pokémon with Pickup is completely allowed. Sure, it's a work around for the eras where you can't use the mart, but it's a Pokémon's natural ability so using a Pokémon with Pickup is perfectly fine. I actually use one as a HM slave in my Sapphire run.

And well, as far as the Egyptian Era goes, I tried keeping it the way it was suggested. I don't honestly change much to people's suggestions, unless they're REALLY wrong. So yeah, I guess it's based on stereotypes, but that's the way the person that suggested it wanted it.

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