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I've played Pokemon Ruby for 2 years and Emerald for a Staggering 7 years, redoing the whole game three times (Not for starters, for fun.) and Emerald's small feature's helped me understand why there was a Team Magma and Aqua in the first place, I played Ruby first and i wondered why Team Magma would have been made and why did it call itself team Magma? When i played Pokemon Emerald the conflict seemed much better to understand, No side is right, they both wish to kill thousands just to help hundreds live better, this Conflict was best symbolized by Groundon and Kyogre being Team Magma and Aqua, both fighting each other while damaging the very world they wished to help, with you Representing Rayquaza, the only one who had the power to stop the teams as Rayquaza was the only one who could stop the conflict between Groundon and Kyogre. I freaking loved Pokemon Emerald and for me it was Pokemon's peak.
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