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Originally Posted by Sporefame19 View Post
Thank you WackyTurtle
I fixed up Alkalase City:

Also I finished this, Friendship Forest:
A couple concerns in that forest...
The top left ledge looks silly when all the other ledges point west or south...
The center west facing ledge doesn't end... Does it?
The top right ledge should be more to the last left tree, I think that would look better.
I also think you're letting players get off easy by not putting much grassy patches.

The city...
The gym has the power plants pillar things on the side, yet you have a power plant within the city, looks strange as the mixture of buildings doesn't suit.
I don't like the trees surrounding the city, too "straight" for me, maybe add some oddly spaced ones or some different types or maybe a random pool of water instead of some trees, I dunno.
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