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Galaxy foil FTW!

The balloon itself didn't have any foil applied to it (though there may be a sliver along the edges), but it is textured, so it might look like it does.

I wasn't a huge fan of the above artwork, so I redid it in a style that pops more. I guess this would sort'a be a Neo-era reprint of the card.

EDIT: Printed jumbo foil version...

It roughly measures 6" x 8.25"

Since I was out of black ink, I had to create something close by mixing cyan, magenta, and yellow. The printed result was far too light (very see-through, even the text), so I printed the image out twice more and stacked them until it looked opaque enough.

I was only going to make the background of the illustration holo, but the adhesive would've been visible on the non-holo areas, since there were so many layers.

You might see a few specs here and there. My printer was sputtering ink. Also, the foil crinkled a bit on the upper right.

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