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What Serge said could be true. It could just be some silly skit. Though I did see, on the more recent bit, a skit that involved catching a very fat-looking Pachirisu (I swear to God, the actor looks like half a sumo wrestler). They showed the game alongside it, with damage, failed catches, etc. So maybe they ARE trying to match the game, but can't show us the shots yet. If the game has been up alongside, it would have said "super-effective", "not very effective" or something like that. Oh well.

Quote originally posted by LycaNinja:

It can't be normal or resisted to Ice and be a Flying type... Because... you see... Flying is weak to Ice...
That's what I said.

Oh, and I'm calling fake on the one guy above me.

"Y' Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne."

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