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Name - Michael Sheranto

Age - (13 - 16) 15

Personality - (min 5 lines)

Michael is well not that mean and horrible for his age. He is kind to anyone who is let down or in a bad mood. He is tottaly different on the battlefield though as he doesn't care about the other battler even if he/she is crying about a loss. He stands up for anyone and not really anyone truly knows him. He can't take a loss either though and will walk away to train harder unfortunately he has been depressed lately. He then finally got exited because of the fabulas great news he got

History - (10 lines min, want really interesting charectors)

Michael lived in a small cottage when he was young and had a mother and father. His father was a speciak trainer and his mother was a former contest champion. They both liked Michael coaching him because his top goal was to be a pokemon champion. He was given an Electrike, a Horsea, a Houndor and a Beldum. He trained them all day and all night until finally turning them in to a Manectric, a Kingdra, a Houndoom and a Metagross. He battled everyday and always felt great which made him kinder. He then on one day lost to a person who would work out his strategy and then counter it. He was not annoyed nor sad he was extremly shocked. From that day on he worked hard to work out a fabulas battle strategy. Unfortunately bad things happened, a girl who wanted him to break down his battling decided to ask him out. Then the next day she broke him down bit by bit by telling him awful things about him when he finally got dumped. He was absosolutey depressed sad and couldn't battle. Finally when he got back to battling 'The Proven' came in banning all battling causing Michael to rage and despise the horrible cruel 'The Proven'. He was walking in an allyway when a man in a trenchcoat, sunglasses, a bowler cap and a scarf appears and says "Do you wish to join the league? All the information is on the page." Michael grabbed the page and looked at it it said ' The Jhoto league is for those who enjoy pokémon battling. The proven have messed with us too long. We will take action. Each trainer is given a battle token, which is enclosed within the envelope. You must challenge other trainers to a three on three battle, and the loser, must give the winner their tokens. The 8 winners will end up with 3 tokens each, as their are only 24 people alloud into the league. The system used is smarter than it may seem, cheating is no option. - Be careful of police fellow members, and remember, only one can win, and with that win, they can take themselves and their family to Kanto, where customs are the same." Michael looked up and the man was gone so he went to see his family.

Description: Michael is medium size for his age and is rather in fine shape. He has short blonde hair and Sky blue eyes. He wears different things depending on his mood so if he is wearing his blue cap, orange t-shirt and shorts he is happy. If he is wearing a black t-shirt with a red fleece and Trousers he is not in a very good mood. His trend is quite specific and you can sometimes see him in his special designer clothes. Very rarely you will see him wearing smart clothes because he doesn't like to look like a business man.


Team - (4 maximum)

Pkmn 1 species - Manectric
Pkmn 1 nickname - Prince
Pkmn 1 moveset - (4)Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Flamethrower and Thunder wave

Pkmn 2 species -Kingdra
Pkmn 2 nickname - Draco
Pkmn 2 moveset - (4) Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam and Dragon Pulse

Pkmn 3 species - Houndoom
Pkmn 3 nickname - Hellhound
Pkmn 3 moveset - (4)Flame Blast, Crunch, Fire Fang and Agility

Pkmn 4 species -Metagross
Pkmn 4 nickname - Robo
Pkmn 4 moveset - (4)Zen headbutt, Bullet Punch, Protect and Meteor Mash
Pokemon Crisis- Matt Razor-Manectric
Pokemon Plasma-Jack Robinson-Chimchar