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Originally Posted by Dangelitus View Post
I want to join, Alakazam its one of my 2 favorites pokemons of all time together with Dragonite.

To obtain my S. S. Abra Pass I Fill the form:

Nickname: Dangelitus

Pokémon Kind: Alakazam

Nickname (optional): Darvius

Shiny: Yes/No No

Topic: Why do you like the Abra family?

I say this in all the posts, but here goes XD:

I like this pokemon since i saw an alakazam in action where ash fight with Sabrina, and her alakazam beat without effort to Ash' pokemons. I love the idea that the alakazam can beat their enemy's without a single punch, just with his mental power.

Besides, i like their spoons, remember me Neo when a boy twice a spoon with their mind.

For last, when I played ruby games for first time, i remember my kadabra (in that game i can't fully evolved him) finish with almost all other pokemons with her psybeam or his psychic
Sabrina's Pokémon was Abra, then it evolved in-battle to Kadabra. It wasn't Alakazam but whatever... :x

Here you go!

Enjoy, and welcome to the club!