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Originally Posted by LycaNinja View Post
You said that... Which says if its not weak to ice, then flying is still possible... It should be if Sylveon is not really resistant of ice then flying is still possible... You basically said that flying type is more likely if information that clearly dictates that it isn't flying type is true...
I don't want to turn this into an argument in here, so I'll disect my own comments here and that will be all I say on this one-off bit.

At this point, if it's Flying type, I'll eat my shirt.
Translation: it won't be Flying type.

Unless the test only proves that Sylveon is not weak to ice, but not necessarily super-effective against it, in which scenario Flying might still be a possibility (as is everything else).
Translation: If Smash was just having a little bit of fun, and what they did means absolutely dog waste (I don't think I can use the more literal term here), then nothing they did means anything and it's still possible. Let's refer my later post here:

What Serge said could be true. It could just be some silly skit.
Deeper meaning: Flying type would still be possible. However, so would be Bug type, Ghost type, Dragon type, and heck, even Fighting type. But I still say it will NOT be Flying type. I am not saying it's likely, more likely, or something I expect to happen. In fact, Flying type, I have always said, will NOT happen.

And that ends that discussion. If you want to carry it further, VM me please.


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