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The woman clad in purple had awoken just as the monster charged at Ezra. The three of them used their powers to draw its attention from the gunslinger and lead it away. Thankfully, Ezra remained unharmed from the behemoth, though he sustained injuries from the previous incident.

Once the man with the gunblade returned to the scene, Ezra noticed how his chest had a large gash across it. Although his hair was a bit messy and his attire was slightly subpar, his skin had a constant glow about it. His face was absolutely breathtaking. Hes much more handsome than that brute with the axe. He thought to himself, concealing a smirk.

Ezra stood far from the trio, unsure if he should approach them. Pondering on the thought, it was then that the earth shook yet again. This is getting a bit tiring. As he crouched on the ground, he saw an unfamiliar darkness rise above. It cloaked the sun, allowing no light to shine through to Pulse. When the quake stopped, Ezra looked around and saw just how strange Oerba looked. Wyvern carcasses littered the area, blood was splattered across the decaying buildings, and the smell was beginning to affect his stomach. If he didn’t leave Oerba soon, losing his lunch was definitely a possibility.

"I'm Daniel, I met the big one, and that kid with the gun I've never seen in my life."

The group had been talking loudly and Ezra had heard most of their bickering. He was unsure of their intentions, but decided to approach them anyways. They had defended him after all, and he was curious for answers. Walking towards the trio, the woman gave a rundown of everything that had happened.

"There are a group of people who still think like people did 20 years ago about l'Cie. Which by the way, all of us probably are now. Though the Fal'Cie that is here was supposed to still be in a state of hibernation. They call themselves The Shadow. We've kept it all under wraps so as not to cause a panic, though people are probably panicking now."

The brunette listened carefully to the Guardian Corps words. Though it was only a few sentences, every word penetrated him like a bullet to the brain. “My names Ezra,” he said softly. “I know that im young, but I can assure you im no kid.” The last part of his introduction was more directed towards Daniel, but felt like everyone needed to hear it. His stomach was still churning, and was greatly anticipating his departure from Oerba. “We should leave soon, unless youre ready for round two with that beast.”
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