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Ciel was wandering past the Pokemon Center. He was looking for his next class. There was a sudden whine from by his feet and Brie cuddled up on top of them, almost knocking him over. "Br-Brie?" The Pokemon growled and whined, looking really determined to just keep him there at the moment. "We have class Brie." The Pokemon stuck out its tongue and Ciel sighed, sitting down on the dirt road. "Come here, silly." The Absol perked and tackled into his arms. "Ow..." he whispered, letting the creature sniff at his face like he was going away and absently butt his horn into the other's hand.

He wished he knew what was making his Pokemon so upset. Then again, it was just a baby.


Skye watched Rei critically. She was a lot weaker than Volca if you took levels into consideration. However, she was also a Lapras, and by that definition, it made her absolutely the best for this situation. She looked down at the larvae and blasted him with water. Volca sputtered and glowered at Skye, who raised an eyebrow. He really thought he would be forgiven right now? His temper was just... it was just so annoying.

Maybe he was more like the bug than he thought. That thought posed a dangerous question mark in the back of his mind, even though he knew if he was like any of his Pokemon, it was Rama and his mischief. With a smile, he waved at Rei. The Lapras cooed at him, lowering her large head so he could stroke her chin. Volca snarled and leaped at him, electricity jolting from around his features.

Ellie's eyes flashed and she smacked him to the ground with an Iron Tail. "Enough!" Her yowl was loud and Skye winced and rubbed his ear. "Honestly, are you a fighter or a whiner? Skye did the best he could, but if you weren't such a idiot, you might have won! We almost got kicked out of the Academy because of your crap!" The cat bristled and spat, only calming at Skye's soft touch to the back of her neck.

The boy ignored the two Pokemon proceeding to bicker back and forth, focusing his attention on praising Rei and Rama for their hard work. He patted the Lapras once more, then returned her. He would take her to the beach later. She would like that. Rama, however, was practically limping, and only their promise was preventing him from putting the wild fox into a Pokeball and rushing him to the Center. Instead, he gingerly lifted the fox into his arms. For once Rama didn't protest.

Returning his gaze firmly to Volca, he gave the Larvesta a tiny smile. "Nuh-ho bah-hattles for a whuh-while." Then he returned his partner with a sigh.

Volca was his strongest Pokemon, but he wasn't the best. So he couldn't give him what he wanted that easily.

It was decided then. He would have to get more Pokemon. One to take the place of Pala, and one to round out his team.

Pala let out a high-pitched yawn from his backpack and he laughed at her, petting her blue head. He didn't want her to fight, not anymore than she already had. It wouldn't be fair.


Hehe, all right. This could be fun. Now, to use one Pokemon or two? Two would be extreme, but one would be mocking them. Even Ash knew she had mocked them enough. Hehe, well that settled that then. "Aight," she chirped. "Here's how ready I am. Kira, Carrie get out there!" She released her Lucario again, who gave her a look of amusement before smiling at the pair of opponents. The Drapion was the obvious opponent but the bird would be the real entertainment. Just because. Carrie let out a chipper roar as she flapped her wings, hovering over the water.

"Carrie," she called and the Charizard soared in, allowing Kira to leap on and hover over them, watching the Drapion with a curt nod. Without a word, Carrie let out a burst of flame towards Drapion.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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