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Holly Amarosa

Holly held her tears back as she dragged the nurse to her cousin's room. Rosemary blinked and ran around nervously. "Help her!" she yelled. The nurse walked over to Kayla and frowned. "What happened?" she asked. "How long as she been unconscious?" Holly whimpered. "I told you what happened," she whispered. "And she hasn't been out for long. Will she be okay?" She watched Kayla breathe raggedly and held her hand. The nurse put a hand on Kayla's forehead. "She's burning up," she whispered. Holly nodded. "She has an infection on her leg... Is that what's making her sick?" The nurse nodded and looked at Kayla's bandaged leg. "She should have come to get it checked," she said urgently, unwrapping Kayla's leg gently. Holly frowned, remembering how much walking Kayla had been doing the day before. "She should have been resting," she whispered. "Instead of trying to help me make friends..." She started to cry as the nurse checked up on Kayla's leg.

Thanks for everything today. Tomorrow I'll go to heaven. Please be my friends until the very end.
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