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Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Beach

So they were facing a Lucario and Charizard? This is gonna be interesting. The Charizard let out a flame burst at Sting, who wasn't caught off-guard this time. Sting was just barely able to avoid the attack, though. Shawn had a sinking feeling that she was just toying with them, knowing she could crush them quickly. He had to think of something quickly.

He turned to Kiki and Birdy with an idea. "Hey, Kiki," he asked, "Sting could probably hold his own against Lucario, but not while they're flying. Maybe if Birdy would distract the Charizard, Sting could use his Poison Sting and hopefully poison the fire-type. You think it'll work?"

Sting was listening to them concocting a plan, but he was itching for battle. He turned to his opponents, waiting to make his mark and get some payback for that attack.

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