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I laughed, "I agree with Ezra here, I'm in no condition for round two at all." I pat him on the back with an open hand, "Pretty glad for the explanation too." I was glad my questions were answered so easily, I wasn't sure what I'd do if she had declined. Soldier or not, I wouldn't attack a human, not for such trivial things. "I remember some images now that you mention it." I said thinking back, when I had passed out the images were incomprehensible and honestly I had put it off as a crazy dream, "I don't exactly remember it all that much."

I looked at the group fully, and wondered if there were others in this town, though I doubted it. I looked down at my shirt and saw it bloodied, I can't walk into civilization looking like this! I thought. I took off my shirt, threw it on the ground and walked over to my bag, I had left it away from the group and had to turn around and look for it. After finding it, I applied medical attention to my injuries, and grabbed the extra shirt I always had. I brought the bag and the shirt back to the group and slipped the shirt on.

"It looks like, other than the bear of a man, you two are fairly young." I observed, "I know you're a soldier. But what about you Ezra? Are you a runaway or something? You can't be older than 18, no way." Before he could think I was trying to play parent I added in, "If you are, don't worry about it, I ran away as well."
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