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Just wondering. My dad always harasses me because it takes me 15min to shower - 20min if I need to shave; 30min if it involves legs - and I don't think that that's long at all. In fact, I think he's just thinks it's long because he doesn't shave 1/3 of his own body when he showers, which is why it only takes him 10-15min.

Girl stuff.

Anyway, how long do you guys typically shower for? Or do you prefer baths? What is your shower "routine"? How many times a week do you shower?

Typically, I'll let the water run a bit (which may also be why he thinks it's "long" lol) to get a good temp' before getting in. I make sure my hair is good and wet - it's thick, so it takes about two minutes or so - before I put in shampoo. Then there's soap, rinse hair out, wring it and apply conditioner. I always shave at least the underarms whenever I shower, so I do that while waiting on the conditioner to seep in properly. Of course, if I need to shave elsewhere, this is when I do that, too! Then the conditioner is washed out and I do a final rinse under the showerhead before getting out.

I shower 3-4 times a week (every two days). Assuming a fresh "start" to the showering schedule, the first shower I'll shave under the arms and for every second one following I'll shave under the arms and other areas. Legs are once every 1.5-2 weeks, pending how I feel about it lol

I don't think it's overly complicated or long at all. Methinks the dad just doesn't get it
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