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First day of Phoenix Comicon and I saw a few good Naruto cosplays.
I didn't really take any pictures today, but I'll try to the next three days.

Originally Posted by AzuPazu
I still can't get over the idea how fast Naruto accepted Sasuke back just like that. Also Naruto didn't question Minato's entry either. It was like he expected everything o-o.
I'm actually not surprised at all.
Naruto's been the only one for a while now that still was willing to try and get Sasuke to come back.
Even Sakura was starting to give up on him.
Naruto has just always seen that there apparently is a good side to Sasuke. :p

Also like Naruto said in the chapter, he'd known that Minato had been revived for a little while.
So he wasn't surprised when the four previous Hokage came into the battle.