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If you could meet your favorite character in real life, how would you react and what would you do?

I said Jake's my favorite character in the sign-up form, but honestly I think it's both Jake and Lumpy Space Princess. So I'll answer for both.

If I meet Jake , I'd freak out pretty much but also be pretty happy. Though then him and I would go grab Finn and go on an adventure with them. I'd also test out his Stretchy Powers a bit haha. And maybe also visit Lady with him and see his Raincorn/Dog children.

LSP: Same reaction as Jake, but I'd also be happy. I have no idea what we'd do, she seems like a really brat to be around if you mess with her though. So maybe try to not get in her face. Maybe hang with her and Turtle Princess or if possible see if I could go to Lumpy Space, though I'm sure I'd get kicked out for being a smooth person though. However she could turn me into a Lumpy Space Person for a while. If so, then I think I'd go to promcoming at least once lol. Hopefully I wouldn't remain a Lumpy Space Person forever cause I wouldn't like being all bratty and moody.
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