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Today we were discussing using timestamps, which I will now include when I post here:

[18:58:14] Hikamaru: I'm gonna use timestamps lol
Pichu17 left
[18:58:20] @ForeverDash: bye pichu
[18:58:22] Colοurs.: eh same
[18:58:23] @ForeverDash: oh well
[18:58:27] @ForeverDash: better late than never
[18:58:28] @ForeverDash: :}
[18:58:29] WindyStar: I use timestamps every time though.
[18:58:31] @ForeverDash: *:]
[18:58:35] @glitchguy: slate
[18:58:38] Colοurs.: mk
[18:58:39] Hikamaru: lol
[18:58:41] Colοurs.: timestamps on
[18:58:43] @glitchguy: get me some cheese
[18:58:45] Colοurs.: to minutes

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