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Freeze city

It didn't take long before a chubby boy ran towards them and called out to April. "Oh, hello there Dimitri." April greeted without smiling for one bit, this only meant that they had work which was good plus she had to keep her cool attitude. This was one of the childeren in the city that looked up to her, his parents were also quite font of April because she always find back their daughter when she ran away again. April listened to the boy's story and wondered why they didn't came to find her earlier. "Why didn't you come get me earlier? You know i'm always happy to find out, if it's about money or not." April said and smiled at the little boy. "I could use the money right now though..." April said with an awkward tone to make sure she was going to get money despite of her comment though.

His parents know about April's travels so they probably thought she was out of town again... they also know that April is in need of money whenever she comes back so this could be the reason they are offering her 10.000 yen if she's able to find back her daughter. "10.000 yen is more than enough, i'll bring back your little sister, don't worry." April said as she laid her hand on the head of the chubby boy. His sister had been gone for a few days already... if April is lucky she'll be able to find her back alive before she dies of hunger or dies of lack of water. On moments like these she really wished that they came to get her earlier, this was quite a mission.

"Let's go, Bleaz, we need to find her before things get worse." April said quite serious as she started walking fastly towards dimitri's little sister's hideout, if she wasn't there than she must've gone into the woods.