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Originally Posted by Belldandy View Post
But if it were to evolve in some bizarre method recognized by the 3DS, what would they do later on when they get the new handheld? If it doesn't have the same features, it'd be a pain to always have to play and transfer in a new Pokemon to the 3DS to get it to evolve and then transfer it back :x
But they've done exactly that with Feebas' evolution method. Instead of using its Beauty status to evolve, it's by trade with the Prism Scale. So if the evolution method for Sylveon this generation is dependent on something like the rumor for Pancham and having to use the gyroscope to evolve it, they can certainly go back and change it later. What they actually have up their sleeves I haven't a clue =P Pretty much they can make Sylveon evolve however they want and have the liberty to change it later.
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