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"Jericho Godbane, blacksmith. I guess, I am part of this now, right? Well, I for one saw some images, though none of it makes sense. Fire? Symbol? I mean, come on. What does that mean? Also, it seems you're well versed on what happened here, Ms. Guardian Corps. Mind telling us what happened? I had no care in the world when l'Cie's started popping out, so I really have no idea what they do, or what they even are. As for the symbol," the bigger man introduced himself before checking his arms and legs for the l'Cie brand. "I don't think I have one like that, but I am not positively sure. Who knows, maybe I got the symbol up my arse, Anyway, Daniel asked all my questions barring one. Have you seen any trail of crystalline ghasts around here? It's my topmost priority right now, you know."

Aurora shook her head. "I haven't heard anything about any Ghasts around here. Though no one is supposed to be here. That's why I was sent here because some devices we have monitoring this place went off a few days ago." she turned to the boy about a year younger than she was.

“My names Ezra,” he said softly. “I know that i'm young, but I can assure you i'm no kid.” Aurora smiled slightly at that, she knew how he felt. “We should leave soon, unless youre ready for round two with that beast.”

"I know how you feel Ezra. I'm only 18 just barely too" she looked over at Daniel again

"I agree with Ezra here, I'm in no condition for round two at all, Pretty glad for the explanation too." though before she could respond he took his shirt off and Aurora blushed faintly though when he turned around a small smirk formed on her face as she saw the l'Cie brand in the center of his back.

"Ugh, can someone please explain what an l'Cie is? I mean, yes, I know what they are, but what do they do? And are we one?" Jericho asked and Aurora turned to him.

"We are l'Cie, all of us. Your brand might not be in an obvious place like mine is but it's somewhere on you. Like Daniel who has his on the center of his back" she paused looking at the males. "We've been branded by the Fal'Cie here. A divine entity it is. Granted magical and physical powers, as well as a focus we must complete. I'd reckon we all have the same focus since we were marked at the same time by the same Fal'Cie..." she was interrupted as her com unit beeped and she pulled it out. Aurora here leader, what is it?

Well Aurora, the sun has gone out, the people are in a panic. The Shadow has announced that l'Cie have been marked and are the cause of it. The Guardian Corps have been ordered to find them

L-Leader...people have been over their fears for 20 years

I know, I was there when it all started. But we have our orders, and if the l'Cie are behind it we will get them.

Aurora frowned You mean that.


I'm sorry leader...I can't do that. Aurora Out. she hung up the com unit and dropped it on the ground smashing it under her boot. "We have to get out of here now. Taejin is closest. Plus it's a very small village. We should be alright there. Though it will take a few days. We're all sticking together. I know I'm not the oldest, but I am a soldier and I will give any orders I deem necessary"

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