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Hi guys, long time player and lurker and I just decided to ask for help now. I've played all if not most of the complete roms so far but unfortunately I can't finish Liquid Crystal. Been patching to fresh roms again and again and now I just don't know what to do.

Classic problem i think since I've read this several times but I can't remember the solution. I'm in Ecruteak and in the burned tower area. For one, Eusine and Morty are outside and giving the safety NPC message. Next is when i go in, Eusine and Morty are there and giving their proper lines. However when I come over to where my rival is, he has the ! above his head, walks to in front of me, and then ignores me. If i talk to him, I get the NPC safety message saying he doesn't have a script. If I move back, he walks past me and after two more tries, he'll eventually block the only exit. The part where I fall through never comes. Any help please? Summer is ending soon and I'd like to play one last pokemon game before I go back into reality, haha. Thanks in advance!

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