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Part Eighteen: The Wonders of Liz Island!
Or some truly terrifying e-monster designs and stories.


So last off, Miyor told us about their friend in Alice that could make the bad telemarketers go away.

Naturally, I choose to explore Liz Island instead.

Again with the consistent 'guies' spelling. And I wonder what sort of companies they have in this world...?

Oh no, level 19. Basically battling anyone here for now is a walk in the park.

They don't all resort to this I think, but it's the common expression for the angry e-monsters to use.

It can make factories!?

When I stop sightseeing.

Oh no!

...You just battled with me here! =(

Why must I do everything for everyone? =(

What are you trying to say!?

The woes of powerful companies. They have to put up with so much!

As opposed to saying 'You're not allowed here'.

Time to walk in the water surronding the island then as we can't go in the woods yet.

Oh, look, a...WAMITERA! Whatever it is.

Strange battle cry, but I did just that.

Makes it sound like Bek is writing these entries...

If you remember the telephone competition...we're next to where it was! In fact:

Selected part (sorta bottom left if you can see it) is the cursor on part of Liz Island with the water around it surronding the forest part we cannot yet access. Above is the first village with MUSA and to the left the second. Alice is all the way on the right with Palan next to it, and M-City Virginia is in-between it and Liz Island. (hurr hurr)

Basically - the world is arranged like a toddler's attempt at tetris.

How does one give an e-wave anyway? Is it like winning an internet?

Can I choose the revolvers we got earlier? =D

I guess it's a better attempt than the previous person's...

These villagers sure are confusing.

Gee, what a boring island!

The what?


Oh. =(

OSIE's evolution! He lost weight.

Oh god he heard my comment didn't he.

Why would you even ask me about golf and no it will not help you much in losing weight.

I can imagine a player hitting the golf (not the golf ball, but EVERYTHING GOLF) into a hole, and the caddy exclaiming 'OK' in response. Or 'Difficul'.

What questionable thing will come from this!?

The question really is - is it better than what gets played on the radio!?

This is a question. (Yes/No)

I am interested in two things. One - what was the actual question in Japanese? Was it so inane? And secondly - why am I being told this

Uh...hey guys, meet another new e-monster!

Yay for strange new attacks.

Maybe that's why they are electric monsters...?



A most terrifying attack.

But not as terrifying as the appearance seriously why.

I wouldn't follow either.

A considerly less scary attack in which some...smoke-looking thing appears for half a second? Nonetheless, WAMITE (which is, by the way what I think they should have called the new Vegemite) dislikes it.

Should just charge GERLIN for assault! D=

That is pretty good too though.



...I am not making it up - he really did call me shortly after beating GERLIN. =/



If ever there was a time when you could hang up a phone call in the middle of a conversation, now is it.

I could say the same thing about you, believe me.

Actually screw this I hate Liz Island now.

Next update we'll actually do the backtracking and do the stuff for Liz Island so we can get the hell away from Jabba the Hutt.