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Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Pokemon Center

Roberto smirked as his attack hit dead on. That was good, now he just had to make sure to keep up a Protect for whenever Snype would hit him and keep up a simple cycle of Protect followed by a Metal Claw. He would win this, and when he did he would look down on the Sableye, and laugh at him. Well, maybe not in front of Lucia...

"Hah... hah... good hit there... I'm just getting started though. Kehehe... Quit hiding behind that shield and come get me..."

Roberto froze up and then felt his claws tighten together. He could feel his rage growing and all of his panning flew out of the window. He readied a Steel Wing this time and ran right at his opponent to slam him down. How dare that cretin goad him on! He would show that ghost!
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