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Quote originally posted by GoldenRayquaza:
You know how, when you get all 8 badges in Kanto and all 8 in Johto, you can go to that mountain (sorry, I forgot it's name), you can capture Moltres there, and when you get to the top, you reach a snowy peak with a strange trainer? That's Red. Red is the strongest NPC trainer in Pokemon history. But do you think he's overpowered? Would you want to go through this, finding the best team against him, and raising them all to about Level 100? Is that really nessecary for that one trainer? I ended up beating him, but my friend had to trade me over his Rayquaza so I could do it. Do you think he's overpowered?
You know who Red is, right? He's more than an NPC, he's 'you'. You get to fight 'yourself'- Red is the player character from FRLG/RBY versions, and he kicks absolute ass just... because.

I don't think he's overpowered, I think Mt Silver's Pokémon could do with being a bit stronger so you can train properly there. That, or the League could do with being slightly lower in level after it levels-up. There's a big leap from Blue to Red, despite them having been close rivals in the past, and it makes for a bit of a scare when you go to challenge Red and he starts up with a Pikachu level 88 right off the bat. Regardless, I don't think he's overpowered; I think it's appropriate that he's as strong as he is.

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