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Blaez Lee - Streets of Freeze City

Blaez waited patiently for April to finish her discussion with the boy. He disliked the idea of a girl being alone when the city was in such a poor condition. Blaez's ears didn't perk at all at the prospect of the reward although he knew he wouldn't be able to do much for this job besides follow April and offer her help if needed, which seemed unlikely.

Blaez caught April's words of attention that they needed to leave now and he understood the rashness of the action. This girl might be on the edge of her life for all that they knew and Blaez ran behind April as she lead him through alleys until they reached a deserted lot, that seemed almost like an abandoned plaza.

The location was disturbingly unfamiliar with Blaez. The buildings in the plaza were all in ruins, there were stores with cracked windows and caved in walls. The pavement was cracked and the ground was unearthed in areas where a sidewalk previously was. To finally put a cherry on top, there was a crumbled, dry fountain in the center of the plaza which was an eyesore among eyesores.

April lead him through this plaza to a small playground which was mostly intact. There was a small girl sitting on a swing-set, looking at her feet. As they approached the girl, Blaez halted and turned around to cross examine the area. There were the remains of a general store and a gym in the area and the insides of most of the stores were empty, most likely from looting. Just as Blaez was about to walk over to the girl, he saw the grumpy old man who had been chasing April earlier. The man walked over to them with a large cleaver and headed towards the girl. Blaez headed towards the man and reached for his tomahawk, but then remembered he had left it in his tent.

The man continued his way past Blaez to April, with a cautious, but in-your-face grin. The only thing Blaez could do at this point is try to find something to fight with while he could. If he didn't have a weapon to fight with then he would be useless. He had no unarmed skills that would help him in this situation. Blaez gave April a glance and nodded at her hoping she would get that it was up to her before he searched the playground for something he could use as a weapon.