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Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Beach

Shawn heard no response from Kiki and, as he looked around to where she was, he realized she was gone. Like she just disappeared without a trace. He, again, was left all alone. First his parents, now Kiki. How many more times would this happen to him? As he looked towards the teacher and her two pokemon, he realized that he wasn't going to win this battle by himself. He needed his last teammate before he could do anything against them. He felt bad, though, because he had never ran away from a battle before. He decided to finish this up quickly so that he could get a move-on with his tasks.

"Looks like its only us now, Sting. Use your Poison Sting attack on Charizard," he called out. Sting stood tall and aimed his claws at the large fire-type, shooting out a volley of poison-filled needles, hoping to poison the larger and make fighting Lucario a little easier.

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