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Mackenzie O'Connell // Wildling Day 1.1
Mackenzie had taken his days at Xavier's School for whatever exceptionally slow. He had only been here a few days now but somehow, he had slothed his way through most of the hallways. The school was a busy one, like schools were, and Mackenzie had watched it like everything was travelling in fast motion. At first, he thought he wouldn't fit in here, having a weird mutation here, but now he felt like he wouldn't fit in because he looked like he didn't have a mutation. There were kids everywhere with bones sticking out and strange colour skin... Mackenzie felt like he was perhaps the most normal person here.

He had been bumped into a few times on his way to his first class (he had been snapped at a few times by 'older' students, which he had replied, "sorry dude!") but so far today was okay. He wasn't sure what this class was (Orientation? Was that it?) but classrooms seemed to all look the same. He had given himself a little time to try and find the room (which was very much not a thing Mackenzie would do usually) and it seemed he needed it, popping his head into classes which already had students in it, looking either rather angrily or rather confused at him. He had apologised maybe fifty or so times today, but he didn't get stressed or bothered about it, instead quietly closing the door and moving on.

He finally found the class, checking the door three times to make sure it said the right room number and strolled in, taking his seat in the corner of the room, furtherest away from everyone. First, after he made himself comfortable, leaning back in his seat, he checked out who else was here. Not many people, it seemed. A dude playing with water (was that what he was doing? is that it?) and the teacher, who Mackenzie had to double take to try and realise what he had been seeing. She was... a silhouette with clothes? he kept his mouth shut, not really knowing how to introduce himself to a class of one and a teacher, and sunk further into his seat.

Who else was meant to be in this class, then?
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