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Originally Posted by Austin96 View Post
Username: austin96
Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Nickname (if want one): No thank you :)
Gender: Female
Nature: Timid
Ability: Flash Fire
IVs: 31 all (if not too much work)
Shiny: No thank you
Egg Moves: None :)
Hatch Location: Doesn't matter :)
Other: Is there anyway you could also put 252 spA/252 speed/4 spD before trading it to me? If that's too much work I understand!
Finished with this one. :)

Cyndaquil ♀ Lv. 1
OT: EV♥ | 1027
Timid | Blaze
252 SpA | 4 SpD | 252 Spe
Leer - Extrasensory - Flamethrower - Will-O-Wisp

Originally Posted by ToWriteLove View Post
Okay, I will just wait till you can do two, do one big swing of it. ^^ Just message me when it opens up!
I have 2 spots open again if you're still interested.
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