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Yunia Badeesh | Dune
The days trudged on, Yunia on the other hand had smoothly breezed passed all her schoolmates without a single words escaping her lips. Days were spent in her room or out in the mansion, adapting to her surroundings when others weren't lurking the hallways was now her favorite pastime. A kid with bones jutted out from his sleeves was an oddity that she wasn't sure how to quite make heads or tails of, but he hadn't made another appearance since then. Life was clearly tougher for those of them (mutants) that had clearly visible physical mutations instead of (kind of) the concealable one that she had. Time was the most essential if she was ever going to learn how to fully be capable of utilizing her power in a sufficient manner. So far she hadn't done much other than pure observations, it was best that she knew an impervious escape route incase things went haywire, but not just that, it wasn't always important to know every inch of the building for future use. People never knew when they would need such information, Yunia did.

The chance to perfect her abilities would be coming soon and to be out of practice and unable to do much with it would surely be a disappointment to whatever teacher she had in the future. Behind the safety of a closed, locked door she sat on her bed and experimented and analyzed her ability. It was simply amazing that this was something she was able to do, being a mutant might be a better identifier than being a diplomat's daughter. She had once heard someone speak of an older member called "Dust" who apparently had the same (not identical) ability as her, but that was the only time she ever heard anyone speak of that name. It was a shame she wasn't as... knowledgeable about the appearance of this women who might be the most helpful person at this academy. Yunia wasn't quite ready to make that bold assumption without attending a full day of classes, which started today, finally.

Patience was a quality Yunia had mastered at a young age but class was something that she was actually looking forward to, it stirred an excitement up in her, not enough to warrant worry. The ability to keep one's emotions under check was an technique that anyone could find useful for themselves in the future. After all, it was all about the future, what else mattered?


A path she had selected the night before, one that minimized the amount of individuals she came across and was most efficient time wise was the route she walked. Each step carefully placed as they had been done the night before, and the night before that. The schedule had stated that today she would start off with a class called, "Orientation" but whatever that entailed it didn't go into much detail about. Orientations always made Yunia uneasy, people usually liked to do introduction games where she either had to touch strangers or hear them drone on as if she clung onto their every word for life support. Yunia hoped neither of these were the case this time. Today, she wore a light green ikat patterned hooded silk scarf, which was wrapped securely around her neck leaving nothing draping but her side swept bangs. Per usual her outfit was a long-sleeved dress with an obscurely named floral pattern and was colored in earth tones, a perfect color match to her scarf. Three brown bangles rattled on her left arm as it moved at her side. This arrangement had been carefully and thoroughly planned days in advanced for this very moment.

Due to her routinely walks she had managed to find almost every classroom without any difficulties, especially this first one. A brief pause at the door gave her a momentary observation, she had already made the decision that sitting in the front of the classroom offered the best learning experience and less people would distract her. With her private school experience Yunia had gathered that her peers liked to sit in the back of the room, not towards the front. She was the only girl in the room with a boy that looked like he belonged in the nearest homeless shelter, another who couldn't keep his water bottle fixed in one place without it spilling, and the last one looked like a mixture of the previous two. The surprising sight before her, of what she assumed was the teacher, didn't show up on her face instead she kept it stern and unreadable. It was best if one never gave away what they were truly thinking with their facial expressions unless it aided the situation at hand and in this case it did not.

Yunia was in no hurry to make introductions, why reveal something that the teacher would already know? The others would butcher the pronunciation of name with their various accents and lack of understanding. Besides they would eventually be given their nicknames that more than likely alluded to their abilities, which would replaced their actual names. The darkness was a remarkable mutation this teacher of hers, Emigre, had and it had peaked Yunia's curiosity. How exactly was this useful in any situation except in the dead of night? There must be more to this ability to reflect light, no, she wasn't reflecting any light whatsoever, Yunia noticed. How many other fresh faces would appear in this classroom? Hopefully it was a small amount, Yunia guessed this would be her team (or only main classmates) from her on out. Any connections they attempted to make would be easily and instantly severed as she was simply uninterested in forming something so personal with these people or anyone else for that matter.


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