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K just posting this on behalf of most of the server, to say that this PG 13 rules is absolutely stupid. We cant even crack a joke without being warned. Most of us are above 13 anyway so its redundant, really.

Not only does it limit what we can talk about but it limits the essence of the BC and the server. The people who are trying to impose this upon us dont even come to the server and wolf even said that the server isnt even affiliated with PC officially anymore, its a separate entity entirely. Honestly, Syn, Nica, Aurora, Sanguine and p much every "regular" thinks this also. If its because of the PC name can we just remove that.

The history of the server has always been laid back, away from the main forum where users can relax. We dont want it to become the new IRC or w/e people are trying to make it, its not fun.

Luke never minded, so why the hell do other people mind now ?

But yes dont just take my word for it, ask people on the server. We hate it and want it gone. Now.

[12:40] %Aurora: pg-13 is dumb

[12:42] Sanguine: I'd have preferred for us to discuss it with the smods instead of them making the rule and expecting us to follow it

[12:41] @ForeverDash: just wondering do you agree with the PG 13 RULES? y/n
[12:41] ♥Colοurs♥~: we're just ants in a wasp nest
[12:41] ♥Colοurs♥~: n
[12:41] ♥Colοurs♥~: wait
[12:41] Sanguine: n
[12:41] srinator: n
[12:41] @glitchguy: n
[12:41] %Aurora: n
[12:41] Zeffy: n obv
[12:41] ♥Colοurs♥~: Not sure rn
[12:41] Sanguine: LOL
[12:41] Drunk Mienshao: N
[12:41] ♥Colοurs♥~: I pick N
[12:41] Syndrome: N

N from me too.

[12:52] @ForeverDash: js but the only people I see who has a problem with dirty chat is hstaff who barely comes here smh
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