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Good news guys,

I got the Old sea map event to work to get to Faraway Island for (shiny) mew.
So i will be SR'ing for shiny blue mew ♥

So the MEW-contest will be a fact!

I'm just waiting for permission to start the contest.

This is how the contest will go:

I'll be SR'ing for the shiny mew.
The members of the club can guess how many SR's it'll take to get shiny mew.
The member who got the closest guess will win a shiny mew.
You can start guessing already, but there is no date yet when I will stop the entries.
When I start the competition I'll post an overview of all the contestants and their guesses.

How to participate:

1. Quote "I want to join the shiny mew-competition" at the bottom of this post, and add your SR-guess.
2. Send me a private message with your guess(so i can keep better track of the contestants).

1. Double entries will be disqualified.
2. You have to send me a PM with your guess AND also post your guess in this thread or it won't be a valid guess.
3. (Ofcourse) the guess in the PM has to be the same as the one you post here.

I want to join the shiny mew-competition
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