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@Alexial - If the Fairy type is confirmed, I would have no arguments with making some pokemon of that type. I did already say I would, after all, lol. But, if no new type is confirmed, then . . . might as well keep it in the realm of official-ness, huh? Granted, we aren't official or anything. xD

Here's a scanned, outlined and resized picture of Cirreon:


And one of Maltone, although not really outlined well:


Here's a low quality picture of my Steel-type Eeveelution. I'm not sure what to name him. Neon, perhaps? xD


All those weird lines on him are meant to glow. Neon. Which is why naming him Neon would make sense, fit the "eon" thing, but still sound odd. xD The lines all sit on mechanical parts of his body. A little bit of a cyborg, I guess.

Aaaaaaand that Magpie pokemon I was talking about:




this is a secret
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