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Ash looked at her single opponent now and shook her head. With a sharp, painful whistle, she recalled Carrie, avoiding the Poison Sting. Her expression rested on Shawn and she shook her head with a sigh. "You ain't gonna win with that look in your eyes. Cool your head for a while, okay?" Kira dove down to the ground with a sickening crash, cracking the Earth as he landed. "Earthquake." The sand shuddered and shook, falling into the growing cracks that spread past Sting's body towards Shawn.


From where he stood by the Pokemon Center, he felt the earth shake a little. It was fainter here but Skye recognized the attack as well as anyone. Rama grumbled as he fell over, picking himself up as they walked into the Center. He paid no attention to Lucia and Mark having their match. Something told him it was a rather awkward fight to start with.

He gave the Nurse Joy a smile and his Pokemon, barring Pala, who yawned at him happily. "Play Skye?"

"Suh-hoon," he promised. He would get her an apple too.
"What Tama wishes for is..."

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