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I'll explore the likelihood of disassociating the battle server from PC, but in the mean time, it is the responsibility of the server staff to make the server as appropriate as possible. You have some freedom, you can be laid-back and such, f-bomb being allowed there and all. However, don't be so explicitly gross (even sometimes towards regulars or staff!) that you discourage some members from wanting to be there. Don't 'jokingly' insult nor defame other members using sexual imagery.

You can find a sort of middle-ground with the userbase, but you'd still have to follow the new rule Wolf just explained. Showdown is linked to on the newest PC skin, so there's another reason why I mind what goes on in Showdown.

Note that the Pokemon Clubs and Trade channels are still linked in the section rules and announcement, respectively. They aren't separated from PC. Trade's channel is still used during official events. On the channel, there are plenty of older members above the age of 20. There are members who are married and/or have children. Even so, I can't think of a time when sexually explicit details/insults were the main topic. It is doable to have a clean and amusing chat with friends.
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