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Quote originally posted by SNOR(es)LAX:

GONNA POST ONE (beware!)


You look much younger than I thought. Wow.

So I finally had the balls to show my pic to the world. I guess you can only say this...
You look much younger than I thought. Wow.

Quote originally posted by Jirachi504:
Just a pic of me...

Weird. You look almost exactly like a friend of mine. It be funny if you were lol.
Quote originally posted by Insomniac:
I'm back! Wait.. did I even post in here before? I don't think so.


How about an older picture lol

You look pretty nice there Insomniac!

Ok more pictures of me now.


Probably my favorite shirt from the youth group I used to go to as a teen. I mean it's Jesus with ice cream, how awesome is that?
W e l c o m e t o B a d l a n d s.