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Originally Posted by Yankas View Post
Even though Umbreon is my favorite Eveelution Pokémon I just can't justify using it when it is just so pitifully weak ingame that it becomes a chore to use. So I usually keep Espeon and box Umbreon as soon as I get one of the Johto starters.
Weak? Umbreon has great defensive stats, it can easily take hits that would wipe out quite a few of the bulkier looking pokemon you would expect to be tanks. To me this was amazing, Umbreon was reliable and if a battle was going bad he would usually be the last one standing, saving the day This complements Espeon too, who has wonderful Sp.Atk but is extremely fragile. Umbreon has status attacks like confuse ray and toxic, as well as faint attack, which never misses. Espeon had Psychic, to deal out the damage.

I may not have used the starters together in every battle but they always had a place in my party and my heart <3
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