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Oh, this thread really is old. But! It is stickied. And still obviously relevant. So I'mma post. Forgive me if it was a bad thing.

I think what this section might need is some kind of community feeling. Something that makes people come back for the discussions and people. The general discussion thread could perhaps serve as some kind of club/group (similar to the oooold one that drained activity from this forum in the first place) albeit more loosely than an actual club in the appropriate forums. Canon character birthdays and trivia could be posted here for people to talk about whenever the thread goes silent for a few days, rather than letting discussions fade out completely.

More advertisement would probably be necessary also, after activity has gone up (if it would). As it is now, it's a bit hidden under Pokémon General, but as there apparently isn't overly much interest for this, there wouldn't be a point in moving it somewhere.
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