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Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
Thank you so much! I'm very new into the world of spriting, so comments like that mean the world to me.

I'll go ahead and make the feathers (not necessarily the entire wing -- and what I mean by that is the joint to where it connects to the back) that light grey and post it so you can determine the best route from there. :)

tl;dr I like the idea of Cirreon being able to phase into a mist / cloud and it should use that instead of Antaeon.
That's what I meant with the wings, actually. xD

Perhaps Antaeon could be some weird earth-bender? He might not be able to turn into mud, but it could, perhaps, be constantly flowing and create some weird layer over Antaeon. Below that layer could be Antaeon's real body that nobody ever sees, and, from what you've said, the mud could have healing properties. Some odd mineral combination, perhaps?

And . . . thanks for the praised. ^u^ I'm not sure what else to say besides that, lol.

@BeefTaco - Thanks. :3
Well, Luxray is a lion pokemon, and I'd say that Arcanine is a cross between a lion and a tiger. A Liger, or Tigon, if you will.
But the concept is always a great idea. I may attempt it, but I think I'll give someone else the chance to try it, lol.


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