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Hey PC! This is my first fan fiction that I am putting on her. I have have attempted to make pokemon fan fiction in the past, but I never get very far. This time I am hoping to finish this story. The region it takes place in, is a fan made region I have made known as the Belicomo Region. It is about 700 miles south of Unova in a agricultural region that is mainly forest and hills, along with a few small mountains and a very large mountain. The real world setting would be the State of Tennessee. So there is no ocean around it. I will try to keep all ocean based pokemon out of the story, unless it belongs to a trainer.

The main characters are Dallas who has Hazel eyes and black hair and Gwyn who has very dark red hair and sky blue eyes. It is basically about evil gathering together to form The Apocalyptic Brotherhood. I don't want to say too much about them right now. It will be strongly tournament based, but does not have gym badges. I have not made much about the yet, but it will be explained later. Without further adieu, here is the first chapter. I have tried to catch every grammar mistake. However there will be one that will constantly repeat that I have never really understood. Please, if it is the same mistake, just let me know about 1 and I will go through and fix the rest.

I have rated the PG-13 for the time being for a few words, violence, and suggestive themes. It may change slightly later on, but it will not reach M.

Episode 1: The Start of All Things!

Dallas sat on a bench under a great willow tree. It was a warm, first day of summer. A northwestern wind was coming down, making it perfect weather. The sun was low in the sky as day started to turn to night. It was the Mid-Summer Festival that took place every year on the Summer Solstice. The smell of honeysuckles filled Dallas' nostrils with their sweet sent. Above him in the willow tree, Pidove and Starly played together. About 100 yards in front of him, he could hear pokemon and children playing together in the lake. Over to his left he watched his Growlithe and a Lillipup playing with each other.

"Here you go, Dally," A feminine voice called as the owner approached.

Dallas looked over to his right and a female about the same age with beautiful dark red hair and brilliant sky blue eyes handed him an ice cream cone.

"Oh, thanks Gwyn. I didn't know you were getting ice cream. I would have went with you" Dallas said taking the ice cream cone into his hand.

Gwyn sat down besides him on the bench. "Yeah, I wanted to surprise you." She smiled at him.

"Well thank you. I was surprised as you could tell." He said with a chuckle.

They did not say much until they had finished eating. Both of them ate their ice cream at the same pace. They had learned to match one another's speed when it came to eating, because they had been friends for so long.

"It has been such a beautiful day today." Gwyn said, cleaning her hands and mouth with a napkin.
Dallas did the same with his napkin and then spoke, "Yes it has been. It reminds me of that day ten years ago from the day."

"Yes, I had just moved here from Unova and was attacked by a Seviper. You and Growlithe saved me and Lillipup." Gwyn said with her sweet voice that she had always had.

Dallas nodded. "Yeah, we were both eight at the time. I had just gotten my Growlithe a few months before for Christmas. It is hard to believe it has already been ten years. I can remember it like it was just yesterday."

Dallas whistled and Growlithe and Lillipup stopped playing and ran over to the bench. Growlithe jumped in Dallas' lap and Lillipup in Gwyn's. There was silence for a few seconds and then Gwyn broke it.

"When do you think you will be going on your journey?" She asked, petting Lillipup.

"Not sure. With school finally being over, probably soon. Isn't that right boy?" He asked rubbing Growlithe's head.

Grow- Grow. Growlithe barked putting his front paws on Dallas' chest and started to lick him in the face.

"What about you?" Dallas asked looking over to Gwyn, while she looked down at Lillipup. He could tell she was a little nervous with the question.

Gwyn looked up and over at Dallas. Her sky blue eyes sparkled with the forming sunset. Dallas's hazel eye met hers.

"Well, umm... I was wondering if I could go w-" She was cut off by a loud intercom horn that was about twenty feet away from them.

"Attention trainers and others! It is now seven o'clock. The Bonfire will begin in about 30 minutes. Following the bonfire at about nine o'clock, the fireworks show will start. Have a good rest of the night!"

"Crap, I forgot I had to pick up some stuff for my parents." Dalles said standing quickly. "I don't want to miss the fireworks or bonfire." He finished.

"Oh... ok." Gwyn said looking back down at Lillipup. The little furry head was now looking up at her in concern.

Lil-Lil-Lillipup. Lillipup barked putting its small paw on her hand.

Dallas looked back at Gwyn. He wished he had not said what he had said. Gwyn's parents had disappeared five months ago without a trace. She had been living alone the past five months.

"Hey Gwyn, you want to come? I could use some professional help with woman's shampoo. My mother told be to get the best, but I am clueless when it comes to those things." He said chuckling a bit. He actually knew exactly what shampoo to get for his mother, but he wanted a reason to get Gwyn to come.

"Sure!" Gwyn said looking back up at Dallas.

Dalles smiled. "Ok then!" Dallas reached to his side and pulled out a normal Pokeball. "Growlithe return!" He commanded as he pointed the Pokeball at Growlithe. A red beam of light shot out of the center of the pokeball and covered Growlithe. Dallas returned the pokeball to his belt.

Gwyn followed and returned Lillipup to his pokeball. They took one last look around to make sure they were not forgetting anything. After that the walked side by side. After a few minutes of walking, a person in black, with a hood over his head, bumped into his shoulder. Dallas could not see his face, so he did not dare say anything. But after they were out of ear shot from him he bent over to whisper into Gwyn's ear.

"Have you noticed there has been a few of those people around today?" Dallas whispered.

"Yes, I have seen about six in the passed few hours. They seem to be together." Gwyn said quietly.

"I have seen about 12 all day. And yes I agree, they seem to be together and up to no good." Dallas said as he returned to stand straight.

After they got the stuff they needed for Dallas' parents. They returned to his house. He walked and saw that his parents were not around.

"Hello? Mom? Dad? Anyone home?" He called into the rest of the house. No answer came.

"They must be down at the lake for the fireworks and bonfire." Gwyn said.

Though Dallas was not to sure about that, he nodded in agreement.

"How about we get back to the bonfire? Should be starting in a few minutes." Dallas suggested.

Gwyn nodded and they walked back to the lake. Everything seemed normal. The sun was almost completely down now and people were starting to gather. Dallas and Gwyn arrived at the huge stack of wood that would be used for the bonfire. A few minutes passed, but no one came to start the bonfire. Something was wrong.

"Hey where is the bonfire!!"
"Hurry up!!"
"Come on!! We have been waiting all day!"
The crowd started getting annoyed.

Out of no where, a giant pokemon landed. It had red wings and its tail was on fire, but it was a black color instead of its normal orange. It was a shiny Charizard. The Charizard blasted a flamethrower attack all over the crowd. Cries of terror replaced the annoyed voices. When people tried to run, they were knocked back by the men in black and hoods over their heads. The day that had been so beautiful, was now a living hell as infernos surrounded the large crowd. Explosions filled the air. It was the fireworks that were supposed to be launched. They were now being fired into the crowd.

"Dallas! What's happening!" Gwyn cried as she death gripped his arm and huddled as close as possible to him.

"I.... I don't know." Dallas said trying to hide the pain in his arm from her tight grip.

As if answering her question, a man in pitch black robes and blood red trim appeared on top of the bonfire stack that had not been lit. The crowd fell silent.

"Greetings my fellow trainers! You are now members of The Apocalyptic Brotherhood!"
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