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Wow.. that's just..

Incredible. n_n;

I love your coloring style. It's so smooth and easy to look at. I'm also very impressed by your highlighting in that Latias piece. I feel like whenever I do lighting with colored pencil, I end up overlooking or completely ignoring that "less is more" rule. I also really like how you split up the outline between black (purple?) and red, like around her chest and head. But, above all else, I really love your style.

I think the only viable critique I've got here is that the outline looks a bit messy in places (unconnected line between her head and ears).. but again, I don't think this was meant to be a serious piece and, honestly, it lends a lot to the more casual nature of the drawing itself. So, even if that wasn't deliberate, it still has creative merit, in my opinion.

And dat baby Latias hnnngggg ;o;

Yeah, I'm a fan. now more plz

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