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Dear Anon,

You're just really awesome and chill and I dunno man I feel like if we could talk a bit then we'd have a good time but you're a little bit famous and that's probably not going to happen but thanks for taking the time to respond to me. :3

Dear Anons,

I hate to leave you guys. You're the best team anyone could hope for. But everything else about this is awful and I can't deal with anything very well. I might try to stick it out by changing things up a bit, but if that doesn't work out I'm just going to have to be done. I've got options. It's no big deal. I just hate to miss out on seeing you all.

Dear Anons,

Two more weeks. I can make it two more weeks. Then it's a week of all of us, together, the whole week. It's been a while since anything like that could happen and I hate that we can't be together anymore. Once a week dropped off to twice a month, twice to once, maybe less. Less and less time for us to just be with each other, not obligated to do anything, but time for us to be together. It'll be a good week.

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