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Quote originally posted by destinedjagold:
1. No idea.
1.5. Make a script to activate it.

2. Try changing the flags that you are checking. I believe those flags you are using are automatically being restarted by the ROM.
1) Okay.
1.5) Okay.
2) What?! Even if I'm using JPAN's Engine?!

Quote originally posted by ZangoMango:
Having problems with unLZ, I've got my sprites indexed 64x64 with 16 colors, but when I try to write to ROM they don't transfer over and it just messed up the palette of the ingame sprite it was supposed to overwrite instead, like so. I even tried just saving default sprites like Venusaur and then overwriting another sprite with it, but it did the same thing. Tips?
Like what I said to the other guy who asked that, use Wichu's Sprite Editor Instead, it automatically indexes and fixes everything for you.

And since a page has passed, I would like to "re-ask" my questions.

1) We all know that Mastermind_X made an ASM Code to create unlimited shinies but, how do we make it so that the Player will NEVER EVER encounter a shiny?
2) I'm trying to compile this script:

#dynamic 0x750000

#org @start
checkflag 0x1
if 0x1 goto @ka
checkflag 0x2
if 0x1 goto @fuu
checkflag 0x3
if 0x1 goto @rai
checkflag 0x4
if 0x1 goto @do
checkflag 0x5
if 0x1 goto @sui

#org @ka
warp 0x3 0x1 0x1 0xC 0xC

#org @fuu
warp 0x3 0x2 0x1 0xC 0xC

#org @rai
warp 0x3 0x3 0x1 0xC 0xC

#org @do
warp 0x3 0x4 0x1 0xC 0xC

#org @sui
warp 0x3 0x5 0x1 0xC 0xC
It should warp to a map according to the flag set but it doesn't work. That is originally made for a Signpost event but it didn't work. I tried setting it on a Script Event, didn't work, again. (Note: Of course I set the Var Thingies on the Script Event!) And I tried it on a Person Event but it didn't work either. What's wrong?
Destinedjagold said the game auto-resets the flags I used but, I was like "Really?!" Even if I use JPAN's Engine.