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Quote originally posted by robin22gongon:
1.5) Can you link me to it?
It's in HackMew's Tool Thread.

Quote originally posted by robin22gongon:
2) What?! Even if I'm using JPAN's Engine?!
That I am not sure. I don't hack FireRed, but those types of flags are used by the game for rock smashable rocks, cuttable trees, etc. At least, in Ruby they are.

Quote originally posted by ZangoMango:
Having problems with unLZ, I've got my sprites indexed 64x64 with 16 colors, but when I try to write to ROM they don't transfer over and it just messed up the palette of the ingame sprite it was supposed to overwrite instead, like so. I even tried just saving default sprites like Venusaur and then overwriting another sprite with it, but it did the same thing. Pretty common problem I assume. Tips?
Close Unlz-GBA, go to your ROM's folder, and delete the files with the .spr and .pal extensions.
And then open your ROM with Unlz-GBA once again.

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