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Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
1.5) Can you link me to it?
It's in HackMew's Tool Thread.

Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
2) What?! Even if I'm using JPAN's Engine?!
That I am not sure. I don't hack FireRed, but those types of flags are used by the game for rock smashable rocks, cuttable trees, etc. At least, in Ruby they are.

Originally Posted by ZangoMango View Post
Having problems with unLZ, I've got my sprites indexed 64x64 with 16 colors, but when I try to write to ROM they don't transfer over and it just messed up the palette of the ingame sprite it was supposed to overwrite instead, like so. I even tried just saving default sprites like Venusaur and then overwriting another sprite with it, but it did the same thing. Pretty common problem I assume. Tips?
Close Unlz-GBA, go to your ROM's folder, and delete the files with the .spr and .pal extensions.
And then open your ROM with Unlz-GBA once again.

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