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Originally Posted by Gym Leader Sabrina View Post
So, as an avid movie buff I recently decided to rewatch all of the pkmn films - mostly for a sense of nostalgia. While doing this i came to a startling conclusion: Pokemon 3 is the best as a film. It is one of the only things the pokemon anime has ever done that fully fleshes out character other than generic angsty backstory. Molly is a character you honestly feel sorry for, and if you were in her situation you would act the same way. It also gives a viable reason for ash to actually be involved. The thing that shocked me the most was how personal the film was. there was no grandeur like in the 1st or 2nd. everything was very self contained and was driven purely by emotion rather than some prophecy.

These are my two cents. Do you agree? Disagree? post here if so.
There was a topic related movies section. You could have posted their about your likings for Movie 3. I presonally don't like that movie. Why because I felt bad about how that Girl could easily win against Ash and Co. That was very unfair as if Ash n Co. are no trainers at all
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