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Originally Posted by WolfMirage View Post
i was wondering what if it is on a weatherless team and not being used to checked rain team, can it still be a good poke, or is it useless

smogon dose give an optin of Substitute + Dragon Dance and it says u can use either Swift Swim or sniper

what i use its sniper ability with Focus Energy to raise its chance of getting crital hits and do u think it would be wise to mix kingdra which is the uu teir with pokes form ou teirs
Kingdra is still a good Pokémon in its own right.

Sniper is still useful, but Focus Energy is never a good option competitively, as not only is it a waste of a moveslot (which could be easily taken up by Waterfall, Substitute or Outrage), but relying on critical hits is an unwise strategy.

OU Pokémon can't be used in UU tiers and below.