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Game of /Pokémon/ OOC+Sign-up Thread
Rated T

Long ago the regions now known as Kanto and Johto were one - Rokto. they were ruled by a single, wicked man and his many beast slaves. Lord Katashi sought to control all the pokémon of the land and render his opponents powerless. He began by capturing powerful monsters from across the kingdoms, using trickery, lies and deceit to lure them to his dungeons. His collection slowly grew, as did his power over the other people of Rokto. However, although he had the most powerful monsters in his possession, they would not obey his commands.

One day he awoke to a formidable trembling, the mountains around his castle quivering as if with fear. His four, most powerful monsters had burst from their chains, causing chaos and destruction around the mad king's fortress. All his slaves, both pokémon and human, had been freed. His rage knew no bounds, with one piercing scream he pulled out his final trump card.

"Mewtwo! I command you!" He screamed, the purple pokémon's eyes sparking into consciousness as he cast a haze of psychic energy across the mountain tops. The rebelling pokémon stopped, subdued, their free will gone and their thoughts washed away. They had become true slaves.

Lord Katashi sat upon the throne of Mt Silver for twelve, long years. He slowly built up his forces, corrupting his pokémon and taking further prisoners - his reach extending out across the entire region of Rokto. The kingdoms cowered in the shadows of Mt Silver, isolating themselves and hoping they would not be the next target of Katashi's onslaught. Hoping for a hero to emerge.
Your Role:
You are an important member of your Kingdom, perhaps a royal, a knight or a mercenary. You have been selected by your nation to unite with heroes of other lands to fight back against Lord Katashi and his hoards of psychic, dark and fighting pokémon. Free you land and take back the region!

Your character personality does not, necessarily, have to fit the ideals of your home kingdom. However, it must dictate the type of pokémon your character is partnered with. In this roleplay, human-characters are also permitted to fight, whether hand by hand or using swords, etc. You may wish to take this in to consideration when thinking about your pokémon partner and how they can work together as a team.

If you wish to be a member of the royal family; you may either fill the role of one of the blank (???) spaces below, or write for an 'extended family' member. Typically this would include cousins, nephews or nieces.

The Kingdoms:
  • Kingdom of Dragons;
    Description: A dense fortress of caves and underwater systems, surrounded by steep cliffs and deadly drops. The people of this kingdom view themselves as far superior to the other kingdoms, although their arsenal of pokémon take a long time to grow and develop.
    Royal Family: King Lance, Queen Claire, Prince/Princess ??? and extended family.
    Pokémon: Dragon and fire types, dragon-like pokémon.
    Location:[Lake of Rage/Blackthorn City]

  • Kingdom of the Forest;
    Description: A lush forest scattered with small, independent villages. The people of the forest are very caring, and generally dislike combat. They would rather end the conflict peacefully than wage war on the other kingdoms.
    Royal Family: Queen Erika and her main guard ??? and extended family.
    Pokémon: Grass, bug and poison type pokémon.
    Location: [Viridian Forest/City]

  • Kingdom of the Great Sea;
    Description: Bordering the great south-sea, this kingdom is full of life and business. It is the main route of trade to over, distant lands and is therefore one of the richest areas in Rokto.
    Royal Family: Princess Misty and her extended family.
    Pokémon: Water and ice types, pokémon able to surf.
    Location: [Goldenrod City]

  • Kingdom of the Skies;
    Description: A maze of valleys and mountainous peaks, the people of the sky are well protected from attacks. They treasure their flying pokémon as they are the only method of escaping the canyon and venturing out into Rokto. The people of the sky are very spiritual, commonly thinking of their pokémon as extensions of their souls.
    Royal Family: No royal family.
    Pokémon: Ghost and flying types (non-dragon).
    Location: [Lavender Town/Rock Path]

Anyone of high standing, such a royals, knights/soldiers (and those with sufficient money) will have their own pokémon. The only constraints on what you may own are:
  • Must fit your Kingdom's ~type
  • You may only travel with one pokémon, even if your family owns more.
  • Must have the ability to travel over land - no magikarp or goldeen.
  • No pokémon of legendary status.
  • Pokéballs do not exist.
  • True 'levelling' does not exist.

Please complete the following form:
Full name:
Age: 14-40
Allegiance: (Kingdom you belong to)
Position: (Royal, Knight, Mercenary, Other)

Pokémon partner
Species: (and nickname if they have one)
Appearance: (Try and add unique traits, accessories, etc.)
Estimated level:
Accepted players:
(May extend to 4 per kingdom if there is high demand)
Kingdom of Dragons:
1. Prince Cyrus Asher Droganni (Sovereign)
2. Ser Rowan de Corbeil (Sir Bastian)
3. Rosemary Redmond (NightofRemorse)
4. Oliver Drift (Fuyu)

Kingdom of the Forest
1. Ser Rodrick Mason of the Main Guard (heretostay123)
2. Princess Sakura Aiko ( ~Genevieve~)
3. Haru Takenochi (First Snow)
4. Ser Guirmean Bevan (ORegan)

Kingdom of the Great Sea
1. Duke Sin Rascalwolf (miltankRancher)
2. Lord Jonson Baelish (lacoste)
3. Ersclud Sephur (kosuke)
4. Katherine Celia Burke (Kiklion)

Kingdom of the Skies
1. Sirilia Eduine Halia (jov0006)
2. Hazel Rowe (hiinotama)
3. Carmine Royale Cross (Mick Fizz)
4. Maester Melisandra Bernières (Obscurity)

1. Mattis Redburn (SwiftSign)
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