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I'm not disagreeing with you, but if it's something that isn't revealed in the next Smash/CoroCoro, that means nothing. I mean, we all thought they would have revealed Sylveon's typing by now, and look where we are still. They can choose to hold out on stuff as long as they want to. Heck, they don't even have to show it to us ahead of time and let it be a surprise for when the games come out. But as a whole I agree with your sentiment =P
I really hope that's not the case. xD; Now I'm a person that doesn't really mind surprises all that much, but not revealing something in Smash/Coro and leaving it as some surprise for us fans to find out doesn't really seem all that fun.

I just want to see anime-styled Contests make an appearance in the games, as they'd be so much more fun than the downgraded ones we had in Gen III and Gen IV (and I guess the Musicals as well).
Also this! n__n Though honesty, I'm expecting Contests to become more and more washed up, as it happens pretty much every generation past Gen III, so my hopes aren't particularly high for those.
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