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Originally Posted by GoldenRayquaza View Post
I want to join.

Gender: Male
Activeness: Normally every day, unless I'm busy or on vacation.
Partner Pokemon: Lucario. Name: Slash. Sprite: Shiny Sprite 1 for now. I might make one when I get off my 3DS.
Why: After playing as Lucario in SSBB, I fell in love with the Lucario/Riolu family.
Password: Wave-guiding Riolu

Welcome to the club! What a coincidence! I also gained interest with the Lucario/Riolu family after playing as Lucario in SSBB! :3

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Loooove that movie omg. Do you guys think Lucario was a good choice for a movie to focus on, though? I thought the movie was great and it was a nice break from the constant legendary Pokémon focus (despite the legendary golems and Mew appearing BUT WHATEVER), seeing a Pokémon like Lucario get so much focus was wonderful. I really enjoyed the whole plot ahah.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is by far my favorite pokemon movie. The storyline drew my attention in and there were quite a few depressing scenes that made me feel very sympathetic.

Speaking of fan art and the movie...


I happened to find this picture today. Oh the feels...


Here is a pic not related to the movie. I'm sure some people have seen this already though.

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